“Cat Ballou,” the 1965 Western comedy film, remains a beloved classic known for its humor, memorable characters, and catchy songs. Behind the success of this iconic movie lies a talented and charismatic cast that brought the Old West to life with a unique blend of comedy and adventure. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the talented actors and actresses who graced the “Cat Ballou” cast and made it a timeless cinematic gem.

1. Jane Fonda as Catherine “Cat” Ballou:

At the heart of the film is Jane Fonda, who portrayed the titular character, Cat Ballou. Her performance as a schoolteacher turned outlaw seeking revenge is both charming and endearing. Fonda’s role earned her an Academy Award nomination and solidified her as a versatile actress in Hollywood.

2. Lee Marvin as Kid Shelleen / Tim Strawn:

Lee Marvin’s unforgettable portrayal of dual characters, the drunken and bumbling Kid Shelleen, and the menacing outlaw Tim Strawn, earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor. His comedic timing and memorable presence added depth to the film’s humor.

3. Michael Callan as Clay Boone:

Michael Callan played Clay Boone, Cat Ballou’s love interest and a charming rogue. His chemistry with Jane Fonda on screen added a touch of romance to the film, balancing its comedic elements.

4. Dwayne Hickman as Jed:

Dwayne Hickman portrayed Jed, Cat Ballou’s younger brother. His character provided comic relief and added a layer of sibling dynamics to the story.

5. Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye as The Shouters:

Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye played a musical Greek chorus known as “The Shouters.” Their performances, along with their musical interludes, added a unique and entertaining element to the film.

6. Tom Nardini as Jackson Two-Bears:

Tom Nardini played the role of Jackson Two-Bears, an integral member of Cat Ballou’s gang. His character’s loyalty and bravery contributed to the film’s adventurous spirit.

7. John Marley as Frankie Ballou:

John Marley portrayed Cat Ballou’s father, Frankie Ballou. His character’s fate sets the stage for Cat’s journey of vengeance, adding emotional depth to the narrative.


“Cat Ballou” owes much of its enduring appeal to the remarkable talents of its cast. Jane Fonda’s charisma and Lee Marvin’s dual performance as Kid Shelleen and Tim Strawn are standout moments in the film. This Western comedy seamlessly blends humor, action, and memorable characters, making it a classic that continues to entertain audiences of all ages. The “Cat Ballou” cast’s exceptional performances have left an indelible mark on cinematic history, ensuring that this Western comedy remains a beloved and cherished film for generations to come.