In the enchanting world of Studio Ghibli, where magic and wonder abound, there’s a feline character who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Jiji the cat, featured prominently in the beloved film “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” is not just an ordinary cat; he’s a loyal friend, a source of humor, and a symbol of companionship. In this article, we’ll delve into the endearing character of Jiji, exploring his role in the film and his enduring popularity.

Who is Jiji the Cat?

Jiji is a sassy and clever black cat who is the loyal companion of the film’s protagonist, Kiki. He provides both comic relief and emotional support throughout the movie. Voiced by Rei Sakuma in the original Japanese version and Phil Hartman in the English dub, Jiji’s distinctive personality and witty commentary make him an unforgettable character.

Jiji’s Role in ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’:

In the film, Kiki is a young witch who embarks on a journey to find her place in the world, accompanied by Jiji. Jiji’s expressive face and humorous reactions create memorable moments, adding depth to the story. He often offers comedic observations on Kiki’s adventures and encounters.

The Unique Bond Between Kiki and Jiji:

Jiji’s relationship with Kiki is at the heart of the film. He is not just a pet but a trusted friend who supports Kiki emotionally as she faces challenges and navigates the complexities of growing up. Their bond reflects the profound connections that can exist between humans and their animal companions.

Jiji’s Popularity Beyond the Film:

Jiji’s charm extends far beyond the confines of the film. He has become an iconic character in Studio Ghibli’s vast pantheon, earning a special place in the hearts of fans young and old. Jiji merchandise, including plush toys and figurines, is sought after by collectors worldwide.


Jiji the cat, with his witty humor and unwavering loyalty, is a treasured character in the world of animation. He reminds us of the profound connections that can exist between humans and their feline companions. Whether you’re a fan of “Kiki’s Delivery Service” or simply a lover of charming cat characters, Jiji’s endearing presence continues to bring joy to audiences, making him a timeless symbol of friendship and companionship in the enchanting world of Studio Ghibli.