Pete the Cat, the groovy blue feline known for his adventures and positive attitude, has captured the hearts of both children and adults alike. If you’re a fan of this cool cat and want to spread his positive vibes, dressing up in a Pete the Cat costume is a fantastic idea. In this article, we’ll explore some creative and easy costume ideas inspired by Pete the Cat that are perfect for Halloween, theme parties, or just for fun.

Why Pete the Cat?

Pete the Cat, created by James Dean and Eric Litwin, has become a beloved character known for his laid-back personality and mantra, “It’s all good.” Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, Pete the Cat’s cheerful outlook on life is infectious, making him an excellent choice for costume inspiration.

Costume Ideas for Kids:

  1. Classic Pete the Cat Costume:
    • Blue jumpsuit or blue pants and shirt.
    • White shoes or sneakers.
    • A homemade or store-bought Pete the Cat mask or headband with cat ears.
    • Optional: A guitar or an inflatable guitar as a prop.
  2. Pete the Cat Pajama Costume:
    • Blue pajamas with white buttons drawn or glued on.
    • White shoes or slippers.
    • A Pete the Cat plush toy to carry along.
  3. DIY Pete the Cat T-Shirt Costume:
    • A plain blue T-shirt.
    • Fabric markers or fabric paint to draw Pete’s face on the T-shirt.
    • Blue pants or jeans.
    • White shoes.

Costume Ideas for Adults:

  1. Pete the Cat Head-to-Toe Costume:
    • A blue jumpsuit or blue pants and shirt.
    • White sneakers.
    • A Pete the Cat mask or a face-paint kit to create Pete’s face.
    • A guitar as a prop, or you can go as Pete with his magic sunglasses.
  2. Pete the Cat DIY Hat Costume:
    • A blue beanie or baseball cap.
    • Felt or fabric markers to create Pete’s face on the hat.
    • Blue clothing to complete the outfit.

Where to Find or Make Your Costume:

You can find ready-made Pete the Cat costumes at costume shops, especially around Halloween. However, making a costume at home can be a fun and creative project, especially if you’re customizing it for a child.


Dressing up as Pete the Cat is not just about wearing a costume; it’s about embracing Pete’s positivity and having a groovy time. Whether you’re a child excited about trick-or-treating or an adult attending a costume party, Pete the Cat costumes are a fantastic choice. So, put on your blue attire, don that iconic smile, and remember, in Pete’s world, it’s all good!