In the vibrant world of Fate/Grand Order (FGO), Tamamo Cat, a Berserker-class Servant, has captured the hearts of fans with her irresistible charm and playful demeanor. Beyond her adorable appearance, Tamamo Cat’s voicelines reveal a character bursting with energy, wit, and an insatiable appetite. In this article, we’ll take a delightful journey through some of Tamamo Cat’s voicelines, showcasing her unique personality and endearing quirks.

The Feline Enigma:

Tamamo Cat, also known as “Tamamo no Mae,” is one of the Tamamo Nine and a shapeshifting fox spirit in the FGO universe. She takes on the form of a mischievous and cute catgirl, complete with cat ears and a fluffy tail.

Tamamo Cat’s Voicelines:

  1. “Mikon, mikon!” – Tamamo Cat’s signature greeting is an adorable “mikon,” which is her way of saying “hello” or “meow.”
  2. “Tama-cat da!” – She proudly declares herself as “Tama-cat” in her voicelines, embracing her feline side.
  3. “Go-han! Go-han!” – Tamamo Cat’s insatiable appetite is evident when she enthusiastically calls for food with her “Go-han” chant.
  4. “Nyan~” – A playful and cute “nyan” (the Japanese equivalent of “meow”) often escapes her lips, especially when she’s in a mischievous mood.
  5. “Tama-tama!” – She sometimes playfully refers to herself as “Tama-tama,” showcasing her playful nature.

Personality Shines Through:

  1. Playful and Energetic: Tamamo Cat’s voicelines exude boundless energy and playfulness, making her a joy to have around in the game.
  2. Cuteness Overload: Her “nyan” and “mikon” are guaranteed to melt the hearts of players, emphasizing her endearing cuteness.
  3. Food Lover: Tamamo Cat’s love for food is a recurring theme in her voicelines, emphasizing her cat-like desire for delicious treats.

Fan Favorites:

Tamamo Cat’s voicelines have earned her a special place in the hearts of FGO players. Many fans find her playful nature and adorable expressions to be an integral part of their gameplay experience.


In the vast world of Fate/Grand Order, Tamamo Cat stands out not just for her combat abilities but for her irresistible charm and lovable voicelines. Her playful “mikon” greetings, mischievous “nyan” meows, and enthusiastic calls for food create a character brimming with personality and cuteness. For FGO players, Tamamo Cat is more than just a Servant; she’s a beloved companion who adds a delightful touch of whimsy to their adventures. Whether you’re a fan of her in-game antics or simply can’t resist her adorable voicelines, Tamamo Cat is undeniably one of the game’s most endearing characters.